8 Best Impact Screwdrivers Review 2018 – Complete Buying Guide


Do you know that the best antidote to cure irksome when carrying out a project is by always getting down to work? The truth is that no matter the level you desire to work, there’ll always be limitations that will definitely impede work floweriness, and power tools are not exempted.

Of course, factors like low power supply, unavailability of power outlets, length of power cords, and the quality of batteries that the product cause fatigue when using power tools. And the best strategy/way to overcome these is by using a reliable substitute, and that’s the use of the best impact screwdriver.

Sounds familiar? Of course, it is used manually to drive screws that are hardened and rust in rotors, aluminum case and other parts of automobiles.

It’s no longer news that finding the best crude driver that one can use for driving bolts can be worrisome. The problem that most customers experience is products’ longevity feature.

In other words, many customers find it difficult to use their property for a long time. So, that’s why we proudly present the best impact screwdriver review to you as this will absolutely help you to get the best product you need.

The list of products is highly preferred as they are chosen on merit. These products have consistently been gaining momentum ever since they were introduced into the market as they satisfy wants and needs, trust me, they are super cheap. These products possess almost the same features.

In other words, they only have few differences but vast similarities. However, before unleashing the products, let’s consider the simplicity of the use of this product by enumerating the expository manner that users can use them.

Top 8 Impact Screwdrivers in 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons:

Picture Product Name Description Rating Price
ARES 70006 Brand: ARES 70006
Dimensions: 4.4 x 1.3 x 2 inches
Weight: 1.75 pounds
Color: Silver
Size: 3/8-inch

Dimensions: 8 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches
Weight: 1.85 pounds
Voltage: 0.01 volts      Size: 3/8-Inch

Powerbuilt 648002 Brand: Powerbuilt
Dimensions: 8.4 x 2 x 1.3 inches
Weight: 1.56 pounds
Size: 1/2-Inch

Capri Tools Premium Impact Screwdriver Set Brand: Capri Tools
Dimensions: 12 x 5 x 3 inches
Weight: 3.45 pounds Size: 1/2-inch

Lisle 29200   Brand: Lisle
Dimensions: 10.2 x 4 x 2 inches
Weight: 3 pounds
Voltage: 4 volts  Size: 3/8″

Cal-Hawk Impact Screwdriver Brand: Cal-Hawk
Dimensions: 8 x 2.8 x 2 inches
Weight: 2.45 pounds
Size: 1/2″

Vessel Megadora 980 Brand: Vessel
Dimensions: 10.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches
Weight: 5.6 ounces

OTC 4608 Brand: OTC
Dimensions: 12 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches
Weight: 2 pounds
3/8 Inch

How to Use an Impact Screwdriver – 5 Points to Consider

1. Preparation

Using this driver is awesome and it can consume a lot of your time. In fact, if you’re not fully prepared you can get stained as you go on with these processes. So, it’s paramount that you get your hand gloves and safety wears on as this will help you to make clean jobs.

And ensure that you make the crude tool available with the suitable bits. Make sure that hammer is closely found around as to help you in whacking.

Don’t forget to provide to penetrating oil and bits which shank correlates with the drive size of the crude impact tool. Also get a wide container where you can keep the small screws and other necessary petite accessories. As long as these are in place then you are good to go.

2. Insertion of Bits

Provided you’ve got all ready, you can turn to start with this point. Here are tips that will definitely help you in inserting bits into the chuck of your crude impact tool:

  • Check out the type of screw that you’re about to remove. Mostly, the star-like screw heads are known as Philip screws while the flat head screws are called slotted screws.
  • Use the bits with long length if you keen to work on a large workpiece and the vice versa for small screws.
  • Observe the bit that you’re about to use.
  • Insert the shank into the collet and twist it in a clockwise direction to lock it.
  • Check if the bit is sturdily fixed inside the chuck.

3. Preparation of Screws

It’s paramount that users observe the shape and size of the screws before choosing the best bit that would fit it. Apart from this, another prerequisite that user must observe is the application of lubricating oil.

The lubricating oil helps in the easy torque of the bit once it’s whacked. Also, ensure that the sides of the rust screws are well wiped off with workshop rags as to maintain optimum cleanliness while working. Then, when these have been done, we can now move on to the next step.

4. Performance

  • Ensure that all the materials are in place already.
  • Insert the screwdriver in the aperture and make sure it’s well deepened.
  • Pick up your hammer and strike it at the tip in which direction you wish. If you whack it in the “R” direction then you might be tightening it (depending on the instructions that are given on the manual), and whacking it the other way round can turn the inverse.
  • Make sure that your left-hand grips the handle, plastic sleeve, and twist it in the direction you’re striking it.
  • Strike the tip thrice and check the hole to see if the bit is still fixed into the aperture of the screws.
  • Keep applying lubricating oil until the screw is loose (apply the oil when it’s vanishing).

5. Disassembling

Whenever you’re done with your work. Of course, the next thing to do is to detach the component, right? So, use this tip to make your work easy:

  • Begin to twist the bit anticlockwise to loosening the bit.
  • Make sure that the bit is cleaned and kept in the bit set.
  • Keep the crude tool in a safe place.
  • Don’t use water to wash the screws but use petrol or you wipe off the stains on the screw.
  • Keep them in a cool and safe place.

8 Benefits of Using Impact Screwdriver:

1. Cheap

You can get these products at cheap prices. They cost less and they are mostly found around.  In fact, the most expensive screwdriver is less than $50. This makes it awesome to purchase

2. Dependable

With the use of these crude tools, you’ll definitely know no boundary with the amount of project that you’re able to cover within a very short period. All you have to do is to strike the tip and twist, then your bolt will get loose. Unlike power tools that you’ll have to check the torque, the use of crude impact tools can get your job done easily.

3. Warranty

Despite the fact that the screwdriver is cheap, yet you can still enjoy warranty. Companies mostly give a minimum of a year warranty for their customers to enjoy.

4. Flexibility

Do you often power supply failure at your job site? If yes! Then use these tools to keep working even in the absence of electric light supply.

5. Longevity

These listed products use silver chrome or steel for the construction of their products. Of course, the metal that’s used is dependable in weather conditions. They can withstand moisture and rust. In fact, whacking it for long won’t make them bend as they’re not brittle.

6. Little Hassles

These crude tools are mostly used as substitute/alternative by handymen as to help them out when there is a power outage. It’s a good substitute because it can be used for long.

7. Lightweight

The good thing about these tools is that users can comfortably lug them around. In fact, it’s fun working with these selected products.

8. Conveniences

The construction of this products is awesome. They are rubberized and made with nice designs. This rubber that’s used ensures that the vibration effect is within the unit. It also has structures that one can easily use to grip the handle. It’s just great to utilize for complex tasks.

Our Picks of 8Best Impact Screwdriver Bit Sets:

1. ARES 70006 | 3/8-inch Drive Manual Reversible Impact Screwdriver

Enough of bland tools usages in your workshop and embrace “seasoned” crude driving tools. Although it’s a good feeling to own an electrically powered impact screwdriver, yet the plain truth is that they are costly compared to impact drivers.

Nevertheless, this crude driver can serve you better than you might’ve thought. Just with few hammer strikes on the tip, you can loosen up the most rust and harden nut. In fact, the manufacturer makes it easy for use as it comes with bits of different shapes and sizes as to soothing its flexibility during use.

This is a ¾” drive reversible impact driver that’s absolutely bare tool. It’s made of silver color and it can only be used manually. The amazing feature of this crude screwdriver is that it can be used with impact sockets and bits flawlessly on bolts, nuts, and fasteners.


  • The dimension of this product is 4.4 x 1.3 x 2 inches and it weighs 1.78pounds.
  • It’s packaged with 5/8”, 3/8”, two Philips bits and storage bags.
  • It turns 20 degrees with just a strike on its tip.
  • It is backed by a warranty.
  • The tool is coated with chrome which is highly resistant to rust.
  • The product is reliable.

2. TEKTON 2905 3/8-Inch Drive annual Hand Impact Screwdriver

The use of hand impact driver can’t be over-emphasized especially by DIYers. The reason is that it provides unlimited supports to power tools. In other words, you can use it instead of power tools when there is power supply failure.

And trust me, the versatile tool you can trust for any kind of project is the TEKTON tool. This tool is what you need to drive screws and bolts comfortably. Also, it’s so versatile that you can use bits which shank is hexagonal for it as it uses 3/8” bit chuck.

In fact, it comes with four bits of 5/8” hexagonal shank. Of course, the bits consist of flat 5/16”, 3/8” and Philip bits of #2 and #3 description. Furthermore, this bare tool driver is so easy to grip as it’s discreetly designed for users’ convenient usage. Most of all, it’s the best selling product with a lot of customers affirming its quality.


  • The dimension of this product is 8 x 3.2 x 2.2 inches and it weighs 1.85pounds.
  • It can be used both in forward and reverse directions.
  • The tip and the other part of the driver are made of quality metallic materials that are not brittle and can withstand hammer strikes.
  • Bits are easy to change with the use of this tool and it has knurl on the handle which makes it awesome to use.
  • The storage bag and the attachable compartment that come with it makes it easy to use.

3. Powerbuilt 648002 1/2-Inch Drive Impact Screwdriver 

It’s apparent that changing screws in rotors can be so difficult, and believe me when I say ‘it is more difficult when using a manual tool.’ But tough screws like these need a reliable driver to keep you working at all time, and tools likePowerbuilt of 648002 model is highly dependable.

A reliable impact screwdriver with 1/2” drive size. This is a tool that gives you ultimate respond with just a few strikes at its tip. A tool that is durable and not vulnerable to rust by moistures of any threat. In fact, it has a plastic sleeve on its body for the easy twisting of the tool.

Furthermore, it comes with four different bits. The two of the bits are flat and the others are in Philip screw shapes. The amazing fact about this product is that it loosens and tightens screws pretty fast. Also, it’s very handy to hold for convenience purposes; of course, this is the tool you’ll love for repairing your automobiles, trust me.


  • The dimension of this product is 8.4 x 2 x 1.3 inches and it weighs 1.56pounds.
  • This product is durable and it’s lightweight.
  • It comes with four bits.
  • The drive size of this product is ½” hex.
  • This product is reliable and less expensive.

4. Capri Tools Premium Impact Screwdriver Set

Are you new to the perfect striking on tools’ tip? Never take your conveniences for granted. This general-purpose driver is what you need as it shields your hand with its layered steel cover. Of course, for multiple tasks, you’ll probably need bits of different sizes and shapes.

This tool fulfills your wish with only one purchase as it comes with 8 bits. These bits are those that you’ll often need to use always. In fact, with the dual directions that you can dependably use to tighten and loosen nuts and bolts make it unique. Furthermore, it can be used to straighten or mend metal with its heaviness.

This is a tool that can be used for sockets which drive size ranges from 5/18” to ½” hex adapter. In other words, provided you’ve got a tool you’re used to, you can use this to augment your versatility. It can be used in any weather at any period of time.


  • The dimension of this product is 12 x 5 x 3 inches and it weighs 3.56pounds.
  • The shank of this impact screwdriver is double layered.
  • It’s made totally of steel.
  • The sizes of the screw bits that is packaged with this are 0.34 x 1.25, 0.25 x 1.25, 0.34 x 3.125, 0.35 x 3.125; and Phillips: PH2 x 1.35, PH3 x 1.35, PH2 x 3.14, PH3 x 3.35.
  • It is can be used for almost all metals.
  • It is reliable.

5. Lisle 29200 3/8″ Hand Impact Screwdriver

The easiest way to work on rust screws is by using a strong tool like Lisle’s impact tool. This product is one of the easiest tools you can use to drive out screw even if you’re a novice. It has fantastic designs; check out its plastic sleeve which you can easily move and the tip which can withstand large numbers of strikes.

This tool works perfectly when penetrating oil is applied to the surface of the screw. The amazing fact is that turning it in a reverse direction, you’re still tightening it.

The product is packaged inside its storage bag with screw bits. Please, do not forget that the tool itself has a drive size of 0.35 inch, and it comes with 0.35 inch bit holder to help users in the making of accuracies.


  • The dimension of this product is 10.2 x 4 x 2 inches and it weighs 3pounds.
  • It comes with a storage bag, five screws, adapter and a storage bag.
  • It delivers 200 ft.lbs of torque.
  • This product is cheap, highly reliable and durable.
  • It is mostly used on heavy duty materials.

6. Cal-Hawk Impact Screwdriver Set

Make all tasks the same with the level of conveniences and less time spent on each of them. With ½” hex chuck, bit holder and 14 bits of various shapes, you can apparently spend little time on bulky work. This is a highly packaged and presentable product with storage bag.

It’s one of the most used tools in most of the American workshops. It’s capable to secure you with the versatility and confidence that you need as it’s made with a quality product. You can carry it from one place to another and have a nice while using them.


  • The dimension of this product is 8 x 2.8 x 2 inches and it weighs 2.5pounds.
  • It’s very compact to use in tight places.
  • This bare tool comes with 14 pieces of bits.
  • It is dependable.

7. Vessel Megadora 980 Impact P2x150 #2 JIS Cross Point Impact Screwdriver

Have you got petite screws to remove? If yes! Then, we’ve got you covered with this product. This Japanese is so easy to lug around and use.

And the metallic material that’s used for it is quite dependable and right on its single bit, you’ll find the magnetic Philip screwdriver that you can easily use to carry screws from one place to another.

In fact, right at the tip, you’ll find a shielded handle that protects users from having direct contact with the metal. It’s made of blue and black stripe color in form of contour as to prevent the slippery of the tool during usage. It can be used both by a DIYer and a contractor to drive out screws.


  • The dimension of this product is 10.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches and weighs 5.6 ounces.
  • The grip is made of elastomer and plastic material to ensure that the vibration is inside the tool.
  • It can comfortably turn 12 degrees whenever it’s turned simultaneously after each whack.
  • This product is reliable and highly dependable.
  • It is easy to use as you sincerely don’t need to read the manual.
  • It is cheap.

8. OTC 4608 3/8″ Impact Screwdriver  

Looking for a “rugged” tool that is capable to remove screws on the aluminum casing? If your reply is yes! Then reduce the findings“hassles” by using this product. With its protective flange that keeps users’ hand safe while working.

This driver comes with bits of hexagonal shanks as to help users in changing them. The bit holder uses drive sizes of 3/8” and 5/18” which can perfectly be used by the screwdriver. In fact, this tool is quite superb as it’s rubberized from its tip to the nadir of the grip.

And with a lot of strikes on it, you’ll appreciate the fact that it’d remain unscratched. The manufacturer of this product ensures that it’s backed with a year warranty as to enable buyers to have the convenience they desire. Apart from this, as a buyer, you can get across to the manufacturer and convey your complaints.


  • The dimension of this product is 12 x 5.5 x 2.5 inches and it weighs 2pounds.
  • The chuck of this product is 3/8”.
  • The 8 screws that come with this product 4 slot screws and 4 Philip screwdrivers.
  • It is rubberized and it’s durable.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • The product is highly dependable for hard tasks.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Impact Screwdriver?


1. Why Do You Need This Tool?

There are two types of crude tool users, and they are DIYers and Contractors. So, provided you’re opting for the product that will sufficiently aid you as a DIYer. What you should be gunning for are the lightweight products with enough packages.

But if you’re a contractor, then lightweight tools are obviously not relevant in this “context”. Nevertheless, be considerate on the packages. In other words, it’s the packages that will surely determine your flexibility and versatility.

Some products come with 8 bits while some come with 4 bits. Another feature that users should consider is the chuck’s drive size. DIYers don’t really have to bother about this but contractors use this feature depending on the bit and the nature of their projects.

2. Budget

Now that you’ve been able to categorize your wish, it’s advisable you make a budget. Here are tips that will guide you in making your budgets

  • Chose the product that will be more convenient for you to use.
  • Check the amount that you have on you.
  • Make your scale of preference.

3. Research

There are hundreds and thousands of tools you can find in the market. Trust me, all will surely be giving you fact why you should purchase them.

So, in order to stand firm and rigid, you’ll need to know the best products that customers that have encountered such needs as you do used them.

In fact, it gives you an edge over other customers. Make sure that there is an inference after you had to carry out your researches by selecting at least two products that you’d love to buy.

4. Choose Product

Immediately you have completed your research, choose the best product. The best product in the sense that the most reliable product that best fit the project you’re about to embark on. It’s advisable that you take out days to carry out your researches.

5. Order

Have you selected the product that you’ve planned purchasing? If yes? Then choose from a reliable platform. Trust me, no other platforms is recommendable but Amazon and the company.

The reason is that these platforms help you to fully optimize your comfort by assuring you of returns, both the product and the cash returns. It’s just great to adhere to these instructions.

Final Verdict

The most reliable products are the ones that are proven and approved. Of course, the list of products are the ones that you can trust as it fits different types of purchase.

The Best Impact Screwdriver Review is dedicated to helping users in maximizing their chances of procuring the best product that they can use for long and enjoy. Of course, they are highly recommended for buyers that need quality products.

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