8 Best Makita Impact Driver Review in 2020 That Will Intrigue You.

Best Makita Impact Driver Review

The impact driver is a workshop’s power tool that is used by artisan and mechanics in driving screws. It has been every DIYer’s ultimate choice for over two decades now. This is as a result of the convenience that users have consistently been enjoying it.

Furthermore, the improvement in technology has led to the transition of the corded impact driver to cordless impact drivers. Even though this is a welcome development, yet many still fault cordless impact drivers due to the fact that the machines are bulky and unreliable. And these have been the major the reason why potential customers go in search for the best.

Of course, this prompted us to provide our users with this best Makita impact driver review. I suppose it’ll interest you to know why we’re choosing Makita impact driver, right? Of course, that’s where we’ll definitely begin this review.

Makita Corporation is a manufacturing company that bases in Japan. This manufacturing company has been existing for the past century and three years (103 years). Now, you’ve known why we opt for this, it’s obvious that this company has constantly been proving its capability to provide products that users can enjoy. So, let’s discuss the qualities that make Makita impact driver distinct.

Makita’s impact drivers are unique in their designs and performance. In fact, what consistently makes customers value their products is that they are mostly lightweight, affordable, and reliable. These tripod features cover all areas of their products’ performance.

For example, their batteries charge pretty fast and it can be used for a very long period. As if these features are not alone, the company ensures that the distribution and sales of its products are worldwide.

Also, providing adequate supports to users and buyers all around the world. If your impact driver has some shortcomings, the dependable product you should look forward to using must be any of these Makita products that will be listed.

The Makita impact drivers can easily be used irrespective of users’ expertise experiences. However, we’ll be considering the easiest steps in operating the tool.

Top 8 Makita Impact Drivers in 2018 – Reviews and Comparisons:

Picture Product Name Description Rating Price
Makita XDT111 Makita XDT111 Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 5.6 x 16.9 x 13 inches
Weight: 9.7 pounds Voltage: 18 volts

Makita XDT13Z Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 3.5 x 8.3 x 6.5 inches
Weight: 2.6 pounds
Voltage: 18 volts

Makita XDT11Z  Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 3.5 x 5.4 x 8.2 inches
Weight: 2.5 pounds
Voltage: 18 volts

Makita XDT15ZB Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 3.4 x 8.2 x 6.4 inches
Weight: 2.64 poundsVoltage: 18 volts

Makita CT322W Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 9.3 x 13 x 10 inches
Weight: 9.85 pounds
Voltage: 18 volts

Makita XWT11Z Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 3.4 x 9.5 x 7.9 inches
Weight: 2.85 pounds
Voltage: 18 volts

Makita XDT14R Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 5.9 x 16.8 x 13 inches
Weight: 17 poundsVoltage: 18 volts

Makita CT226 Brand: Makita
Dimensions: 11.3 x 16.8 x 6 inches
Weight: 9.25 pounds
Voltage: 12 volts

How to Use a Makita Impact Driver – 5 Steps to Consider:

This article hereby keen on supplying our amiable readers with an ample piece of information that is needed about the Makita impact drivers.

So, in case you’re a newbie to the use of impact drivers, of course, you can always depend on these pieces of information. So, let’s slug it out with the easiest steps to use these impact drivers.

1. Understand the Design

The Makita impact drivers can either be cordless or corded. The production of these impact driving tools varies in performance depending on the power capacity each possesses. In other words, for the fact that 12V is different from 18V of compatibility and efficiency makes this point prevalent.

Of course, the construction (exterior designs) of Makita impact drivers are not the same. However, it’s compulsory that prospective users find out what each of the components is used for. So, here are tips that will help you to find them on your impact driver:

Trigger: The trigger is at angle 90 of every impact driver including Makita impact drivers. It has a string that’s covered with flat plastic for users’ flexibility during the use of the impact driver. The trigger helps in determining the amount of torque.

Forward/Reversible Switch: The switch is always sited at the side of the pistol-like machine (for compact drill) and on the flat space below the grip (other products). You can move the knob either right or left. Provided you move it forward/right, then the chuck will rotate clockwise (tightening), and if you opt to the left, then it will be rotating concussively anticlockwise (loosening).

Chuck: The chuck is the machine teeth that sturdily arrest bit holders. It’s the small opening at the pointed front of the machine. Of course, it’s one of the essential parts of every impact driver. (Makita’s impact driver uses ¼” hex, and it’s the best)

Grip: Just as the literal meaning; it’s the part user can fold his/her hand. It rests in the midst of the palm to help users to firmly be in control of the machine.

Clip: Provided you’re using a cordless impact driver, then this feature will surely be found. It’s the metallic part of the machine that’s below the grip. The clip is used to hold the battery.

Bit: The bit is the accessorial tool that’s used to loosening and tightening of screws. There are three types of bits: driving bits, fastening bits, and drilling bits. Every bit is always fixed inside the chuck.

Gear: The knob for the gear is often found at the peak of the Makita impact drivers. The gear is an essential component that succors users in making accurate precisions.

2. Preparation

Now, that you understand the major parts that make up every impact driver. So, it’s paramount that you discreetly assemble the attachable components to where they belong so as to perfectly use the impact driver.

What you’re to make available for assembling is a fully charged battery, bits, and the impact driver. Also, make ready the workpiece by cleaning the surfaces and taking proper measurements by marking them.

3. Assembling

Having gotten everything ready, here are the tips that you need in assembling them.

  • Make sure that the machine is switched off by pushing the forward/reverse switch to be middle
  • Insert the battery inside the opening underneath the grip
  • Ensure that it’s properly fixed by locking the clip
  • Evaluate your workpiece and choose the right bit for it
  • Use a bit holder for inserting your bits inside the chuck as this will help you to attain the right precision
  • Twist the inserted clockwise as to make it properly locked inside
  • Check out if they are all fixed inside.

4. Operation

  • Move the switch knob/latch forward for locking screws and backward for removing screws
  • You can check your manual to know the speed rate of the machine you’re using.
  • Once you’ve come to the understanding, check the torque limit of the workpiece that you’re about working on
  • In order, to obtain high torque, you’re expected to raise the speed. In other words, the increase in speed will help you to attain high torques
  • Please note that high torque is mostly for larger screws and low torque is majorly for petite screws
  • Press the trigger with your finger to get the chuck spinning.

5. Disassembling

  • In case you’re done with your job and you plan on detaching the component, ensure that the machine completes its revolution doing it
  • Move the knob to the middle of the forward/backward switch
  • Remove the bit by twisting it anticlockwise
  • Unclip the battery and detach it from the machine
  • Make sure that all the detachable components are safely kept

8 Benefits of Using Makita Impact Driver:

1. Star Protection Technology

It’s paramount that every tool should be easy to use to an “A” level. And the Makita Corporation has come to power tools enthusiast aid to provide a product that won’t over-heat, lousy, over-discharging, and over-loading. In other words, you can use it for long without becoming wary of its use.

2. LED Light

Every product that’s manufactured by this company has either LED light or headlamp. Most times, the headlamp is packaged with the purchase and in another way round, the LED light is located adjacent to the collet. And trust me, with its 2-3 LED light, you can perfectly work faster in dark regions.

3. 3 Years Warranty

Makita Company ensures that her company is satisfied with the use of the product and their personal services. This is a company that lays a warranty on packages such as batteries and chargers. All these are to make sure that all customers are contented.

4. Reliable Lithium-Ion Battery

You will concur with the fact the Makita impact drivers are the most recommended product in the power tool market, why? It’s because of the quality of their batteries. Their batteries normally have long run time than many other products’ batteries.

5. Lightweight

Of course, no more delights to work with handy tools with portability hassles, as it can cause an accident and augment inefficiencies. So, that’s why iteration has been made in Makita to make sure all the products are lightweight including brush impact drivers.

6. Not Vulnerable to Rust

Having checked most of Makita products’ coating qualities, you will agree that they are majorly made of steel or aluminum which is by no means susceptible to rust. In other words, you can use it irrespective of the weather.

7. ½” & ¼” Drive Sizes

The Makita products use the square drive ½” and hexagonal ¼” for its operation. This makes it easy to prevent or minimize the wobbling of the bits, and the makes the fixing of bits pretty easy.

8. Conveniences

Many customers have found Makita impact driver super convenient while using them. They are durable and awesome. In fact, their customer service is awesome. It’s just nice to use it.

Our Picks of 8 Best Makita Impact Drivers:

1. Makita XDT111

Makita XDT111The basic fact in long-term work is the availability of highly dependable tools. Suppose you’re carrying out contract work, I guess you wouldn’t risk your job by using a fringy, fragile, and low-quality tool. But you’ll opt for the product with long run time and quality, isn’t it?

Of course, that’s what propelled us as an expert to present to you a reliable brushless impact driver kit that will definitely help you in attaining accurate precisions. With the 18V long-run-time battery, you can work for a long and spend little time charging.

It may interest you to know that this impact driver kit is compact and handy with a rubberized grip. That means you can use hold it for a long without ill-feeling against the product as it’s absolutely lightweight.

If you’ve been patronizing Makita products before now, you’ll fully aware that the company prioritizes the conveniences of her customers. Trust me, this hasn’t dwindled at all, as this product comes with a dual bright LED light for users’ visibility. The battery has a sensor that helps users to know the rate of the power on the battery.


  • This has a dimension of 5.6 x 16.9 x 13 inches and it weighs 9.7pounds
  • This has 2 variable speed of 0-2,900 RPM and 0-3,500 IPM with metallic gear
  • It has a hammer and anvil that are made of steel in its construction (it can be used for drilling)
  • This has the capability to produce a torque of 1,462 in-lbs.
  • It’s not susceptible to rust
  • This has compact and a good ergonomic design

2. Makita XDT13Z

Provided you’re are in search of an affordable and reliable impact driver. Then, you can trust this Makita impact driver of the XDT13Z model. The significance of using this Makita product is that with its high torque of 1,500 in-lbs, you can be versatile. In fact, it is compact, 5 inches long.

Also, this product is backed with Star Protection Computer Control. This helps the battery, a slide-style lithium Ion, to communicate with the monitor and the real-time mode. Of course, this seems to be sumptuous right?

That’s apparently true, but the Makita Corporation has made the price-friendly for the easy purchase of customers. This model uses aluminum gear housing and a rubberized grip.

This brushless impact driver delivers two variable speeds of 0-3,400 RPM, and 0-3,600 IPM, as this would help users to enjoy optimum flexibility while working. This bare tool is one of the highly referred Makita products that you can find reliable.


  • This has a dimension of 3.5 x 8.3 x 6.5 inches and it weighs 2.54 pounds without a battery but 3.3pounds with a battery
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • It has a longer run time and it charges pretty fast
  • The collet that’s more like a ratchet action helps in perfectly fastening, and countersinking flawlessly
  • The ¼” hex is convenient to change
  • It’s highly durable and reliable

3. Makita XDT11Z    

The major niggling issue that contractors face is the wobbling of power tools especially when they’re countersinking. And this is the major hassle this Makita tool has come to solve. With its variable speed which is very much controllable and 1,462 torque delivery, this product has proven to be viable.

Even though it’s a bare tool, most nominal customers still prioritize it has their most valued impact driver. So what makes it unique apart from the listed features?

It’s definitely because of its lightweight feature and four-pole in-built motors. This is a cordless power tool that has the capability to work for a long without any issue at stake. In fact, the trigger is so easy to press down as it’s rubberized and easy to use.


  • The dimension of this product is 3.5 x 5.4 x 8.2 inches and it weighs 2.2pounds
  • Although it’s a battery-powered product, yet the purchase of this product doesn’t include a battery and charger
  • It utilizes two variable speeds 0-2,900 RPM & 0-3,500 IPM
  • The product is highly reliable in fastening/countersinking of screws of various lag sizes
  • It’s compact in size and it’s rubberized for easy handling of the power tool
  • It is cheap and easy to use

4. Makita XDT15ZB    

Has your impact driver begun to malfunction? Perhaps its power abruptly turns off without interruption, then why can’t you nullify risk and job fatigues by opting for a good replacement. Are you bothered about purchasing a complete set? Oh, no! You can procure a bare tool impact driver, trust me, Makita’s XDT15ZB model is best for replacing your former power tool.

This brushless power tool is absolutely great or you as it’s cordless and makes cool sounds. The performance is awesome with the two variable speed it possesses. Of course, if you intend fastening screws of medium and large crowns, at least you can power at these speeds to achieve (0-1,300/0-3,000 RPM and 0-1,600/0-3,900 IPM) your goal.

Using this product can easily help you make accurate precision even though you’re a newbie. Apart from these, you stand the chance to enjoy the full guaranty of maximum conveniences as it comes with exhilarating designs. Also, the vibration on this product is within the unit on the inside and not on the grip.


  • This products dimension is 3.4 x 8.2 x 6.4 inches and it weighs 2.14pounds
  • This is a bare tool with compact length of 5.313 inches
  • It delivers a torque of about 1,246-in/lbs.
  • This is a 2amp impact driver that uses 110v for its power
  • This has ergonomic features with dual LED light
  • Highly reliable and affordable

5. Makita CT322W    

Are you in need of an impact driver with Ultra-compact design? If your answer is yes! Then we got you not only ¼”impact driver but also a square drive ½” drill driver.

On the other round, this is a Makita combo kit. Come to think of it, you can get these (including 2 batteries) just with one purchase. Furthermore, it comes with 6 lamps LED light that can be fixed/position/cross strapped to the peak of the head, as this will definitely enhance users’ visibility and convenience while working.


  • This product has a dimension of 9.3 x 13 x 10 inches and weighs 9.1pounds
  • The impact driver kit and the drill driver kit have 2 variable speeds 0-2, 900 RPM & 0-3, 500 IPM and 0-600 & 0-1, 900 RPM respectively
  • The drill driver kit and the impact driver kit have the compact length of 7-1/4″ and 5-3/8″.
  • The impact driver and the drill driver kit weighs 2.8pounds and 3.3pounds respectively if their batteries are fixed
  • This product is reliable and cheap

6. Makita XWT11Z

Do you need the best power tool for driving sockets and bolts? If yes! Then you’re definitely in need of this. As an expert, we enjoin you to opt for this because it produces high torque. Of course, this is not an impact driver but an impact wrench.

It’s obvious that no set of work tools is complete without this powerful tool, especially among automotive repairs, construction works, and DIYers. The reason is that it reduces stress and irksome.

Just like impact drivers, it can be used to fasten, drill, and loosen sockets at any time, on any workpiece. This compact impact wrench is of 4.4” long and it has the capability to deliver a high torque of 1,550 in/lbs.

Furthermore, if you’re savvy when it comes to the power tool, then you’ll know that impact wrench generally are difficult to be used for making precisions. But the amazing thing about this product is that it comes with 3 variable speed of 0-1,600 | 0-2,100| 0-2,800 RPM & 0-1,800 | 0-2,600 | 0-3,500 IPM. This means with the use of this product, you’ll definitely be in charge.


  • The dimension of this product is 3.4 x 9.5 x 7.9 inches, and it weighs 2.8pounds
  • This is an 18V bare tool
  • It uses a square drive of ½” in the collet of its chuck
  • It can be used for removing bolts and nuts
  • Easy to use
  • This has three LED light

7. Makita XDT14R

Upgrade the quality of your work by changing its statoscope (the way it used to be) with Makita’s XDT14R model. It’s an electronic control impact driver that enhances the efficiency of users in a sporadic altitude.

Unlike other impact tools, this Makita ensures that there’s the minimal release of dust, noise and all sought of pollution into the environment. Definitely this a brushless cordless impact driver. Not only these, but it has 3 variable speeds of 0-1,100 | 0-2,100 | 0-3,600 RPM & 0-1,100 | 0-2,600 | 0-3,800 IPM also.

In fact, the two batteries that come with this product’s purchase are amazing as they charge pretty fast. Of course, with its 3,600 RMP and 1,550 in-lb torque, you can be completely sure that you’ll be more than versatile. The packages that this product comes with are battery, charger, impact driver kits, and a tool bag.


  • The dimension of this product is 5.9 x 16.8 x 13 inches and it weighs 17pounds
  • This impact driver has a compact length of 4.625 inches. This helps users to use it in tight places
  • It has T-mode (tightening mode); this helps users to attain targeted measurements while countersinking or tightening
  • The charger and the batteries are backed by 3 years warranty
  • It’s highly dependable and it has a longer run time

8. Makita CT226

Conquer your subsequent wants with only one purchase of Makita combo kits. This model is absolutely advisable for DIYers and average contractor workers. As the use of these kits can help you to fasten, drilling, and loosening of screws easily.

And the fact that you can prudently get two kits all at once with one purchase helps you to save your money and be more efficient. These 12V kits are all cordless. In other words, you have maximum flexibility with the use of these kits as you can move from one place to another without any obstruction or impediments.

Although they are not compact as most of the other Makita’s impact drivers, yet they possess some fascinating features such as LED light, ergonomic, and lightweight features.

The peculiarity about them is that the kits consist of a drill driver and an impact driver which uses a brush motor for their operation. Also, it comes with some needful packages such as a charger and one battery for each of them.


  • This product has a dimension of 11.3 x 16.8 x 6 inches and weighs 9.6pounds with all packages all kept in the bag
  • The driver drill has two variable speed of 0-450 & 0-1,700 RPM and delivering torque up of about 250-in/lbs.
  • The impact driver has two variable speeds of 0-450 & 0-1,700 RPM delivers a torque of about 250 in/lbs.
  • The impact driver and the driver-drill have compact designs of 6.125” and 7.42” respectively.
  • The kits are lightweight and the grips are rubberized, as this is too maximize the comfort of users during use.

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Makita Impact Driver?


The Makita impact drivers are one of the most fascinated and celebrated products around the globe. The products have earned a lot of accolades for their uniqueness.

However, it’s mandatory that one should follow how these buying guides, so as to make awesome purchases. Of course, the guide can be used by both nominal and prospective buyers perfectly. So here are what to do to procure the best product.

1. Have a Drive

Makita has products flooding the power tool market and they all are doing exceptionally well. So, it’ll be a disaster to barge into the world market and choose any fastening or drilling power tool. So here are the lists of what you should consider before launching out.

  • Do you need an impact driver, impact wrench, or a compact drill
  • Find out the differences among them by knowing whether you’ll be using them for countersinking, fastening, drilling, or loosening
  • Note that impact wrench is perfect for driving sockets and it’s majorly used by contractors while the others are used by DIYers and contractors for driving screws and drilling
  • Perhaps you’ve been using a particular product before now which you want to change. Then, Makita’s impact drivers are absolutely advisable as they cover a wide range of wants

2. Make your Budget

Even though these tools are amazing, it’s compulsory to draft out you’re your budget. The budget helps you to purchase the model that is suitable for you. The great thing about an impact driver is that the price tags are with respect to the packages that come with the product.

In other words, you can get products that are bare tools (sold without battery and charger) and you can get some that have “R” in their model labels which means two batteries are packaged with it; this is more costly. So, make your budget and know what you plan using it for.

3. Research on the Best Tool

Of course, Makita Corporation presents to you product variety of all sought that will suit your job, convenience, and timing. So, it’s best you research adequately so as to get the best. Here are what to check when making researches:

  • Torque
  • Variable speed limits
  • Type of product (combo kits, single kit, or bare tool)
  • Know the power voltage
  • Packages
  • Relevant reviews online

4. Purchase the Best Power Tool

With the information given on this platform, you’ll know by now what those listed features stand for and their significance. So, make sure that you purchase from Amazon or contact the manufacturer. And you can also choose to go for a local distributor who is registered with Makita

5. Enjoy the Product

The Makita product is one of the most reliable manufacturing brand. They produce products that are durable, easy to use, and reliable. With their products, you can be sure of executing many projects within a short period of time.

Final Verdict

These Best Makita Impact Driver Review provides you with the lists of products that can meet individual’s need. Although their packages and performance may be different yet the features that will enhance the convenience of users are the same such as lightweight, LED lightweight and compactness. This review helps buyers to make the right purchase and help them on enjoy the best products.

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