In case you need to start saving some cash for other necessary contingencies, but you find it as an impossible quest due to thousands of dollars you spend on home improvement. The black + decker BDCI20C review makes your budget count with the black + decker BDCI20C impact screwdriver as you can now carry on with the home projects by yourself on your own.


Perhaps you are already a Do It Yourself practitioner, who needs a nice, cheap product for removing and tightening of nuts and bolts with no stress attached, you can make the best purchase with the black + decker BDCI20C as it comes with some fascinating features which are capable to make your work easier, faster and more reliable.

Here are the five amazing features of the black + decker BDCI20C that customers watch out for while choosing any of the impact driver work tools and these are all packed in the black + decker BDCI20C also without any exemption.


1. 1375 (0-2,500 RpM) Torque

The black + decker BDCI20C is definitely one of the efficient work tools in the market as it has the ability to loosening and tightening of screws and nails perfectly. It works for different types of screws including the Philip screw and other harden bolts and nuts.

The limitation of this wrench impact driving tool is that it doesn’t work perfectly well for automobiles but for any other kind of joining rivets or bolts, it will work perfectly. The Do It Yourself users (DIYers) use this product often because it’s cheap and its kit is tough for any rough or rust surface.

2. ¼” Hex Chuck

What does this mean? The chuck is the little opening at the countersink of the machine used by handymen that grips the kit used to carry out their job. So, what’s the writer insinuating?

The work tool is safe to use on site as it can be changed quickly in no longer period of time, which makes your work time safe, increases your convenience, and bringing more confidence to your job.

This is an awesome tool that’s highly recommended by customers. The black + decker BDCI20C is undoubtedly good for you, both DIYers and professional handymen.

3. Compact & Lightweight Design

Are you complacent with the use of heavy work tools? Why don’t you upgrade to lightweight materials which are capable to make your work faster and easier? Here are facts that would help you to detest from using heavy work tools:

  • It reduces your proficiency and productivities.
  • It degrades your professional status.
  • It could be dangerous to your health.
  • It enhances irksome towards one’s work.
  • The work tool may be awesome at its functions but may be difficult to repair.
  • Heavy work tools mostly cause pollutions compared to the handy, lightweight ones.

I guess this would be helpful, though these facts don’t discourage you from buying heavy work tool, especially if you are lifting with no options to opt for it rather these facts help you to choose reliable work tool that’s preferable to heavy ones such as the black + decker BDCI20C.

4. Battery: Complex Voltage

The black + decker BDCI20C has a battery of initial voltage of 20v when it’s not in use, but it dwindles into 18v when it’s in use, this feature makes its voltage complex.

However, the black + decker BDCI20IC review is keen to help our readers on how this could really work for DIYer and professional handymen as they can use it for their respective purposes.

For DIYers who are not using it for tough screws they can use it perfectly well as it has the capability to last longer, but for professionals, due to the fact that they could meet any job offer, then they can use this work tool as alternatives. The batteries are replaceable and have a nice size, and it also charges very fast.

5. Ergonomic Design

Just like most the other work tools, the ergonomic design of this product is quite impressive, as you can lay it perfectly on convenient plain bodies.

It works safely immediately the trigger is pushed and works perfectly alright. It doesn’t wobble while in use as you can just go on with your work without being mindful of the sturdy capability of the machine. The black + decker BDCI20C makes your purchase count as it doesn’t slip off your hand while it’s in use.

Many products may not be as perfect as some review might have given it, but with this review, you are on the right track as you make a nice purchase.

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Why Should You Use BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C?

1. Cheap Price

Every person who looks forward to owning a work tool would want to opt for a cheaper price in other to perfect himself/herself in it before going for the expensive one, right? If that’s correct then the black + Decker is surely the best work tool to start with as you can get it at a cheaper rate of $63 online.

2. Relevancy

The black + decker BDCI20C impact driver will definitely help you to make the right purchase as it can be easily used for drilling (1/4” drill driver) and impact driver at the same time.

3. Not Weighty

The product has a lightweight body and it’s also compact that it can work on tight spot/target even in thick/clumsy corners. It weighs 3.52 pounds that means it can be carried by an aged person without resulting in aches.

4. Warranty

The manufacturer has heightened its worth among its competitors with a two-year warranty for everyone to get its use. That’s a great one from the manufacturers as you can be sure to give it a try.

5. Highly Marketable

Do you hope to start a business with cheap price work tools?  Guess what, you can start this with the little amount that you’ve budgeted and made a real sale. This product helps you make more money also, don’t you think it’s good?

  • Easy to use.
  • Highly reliable and awesome with its sturdy abilities
  • The product has nice ergonomic designs
  • It has a drill driver style of operation
  • It has a compact design for tight spots
  • It comes with screwdriver bits
  • It works perfectly well for screws and bolts
  • The product doesn’t function well on automobiles
  • The battery of the product is not too strong but can take you going for three hours while working on hard materials.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the dimension of this product?

Answer: 7.9 x 3 x 9 inches

  1. How many batteries are required?

Answer: One battery only is required.

  1. What does it come with?

Answer: It comes with a charger, screw bits and a portable bag

  1. What’s the voltage the product input charger works for?

Answer: 110v only. It doesn’t work for 220v so be mindful of this.

  1. How effective is its drill driver?

Answer: Very ok. It uses regular drill driver only.

  1. What socket adapter bits work for this?

Answer: ¼, ½, ¾, all work for this.

Final Verdict

The black + decker BDCI20C is one of the best impact driver products that you can find around the world. This review clears all doubts on this product and this review helps its readers to save their cash by buttressing the effective usage and the incapability’s feature of this product which will help everyone to see if it’s best for the purpose why they are purchasing impact driver.

The black + decker BDCI20C has a compact design and light in weight, it gives you absolute comfort while at work.  It’s cheap to purchase and has one of the ergonomic features that’s capable to captivate anyone’s decisions. It’s a reasonable product for both the DIYers and the professional contractors.

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