Bosch PS41-2A Review

One of the best impact drivers that works perfectly for an automobile is undoubtedly the Bosch PS41-2A. It may interest you to know that for one to see efficient impact drive that can be used for automobiles, it could be daunting, why?

Bosch PS41-2A Review

Because of the various rate at which their torque can work. Most of the impact drivers need to be reviewed so that audience and a potential customer would have a clear feature and significance of each product. The Bosch PS41-2A review brings all these to you in order to help you in opting for the best product that will make your work easier and faster.

The Bosch PSS41-2A gives you adequate work reliability with the fact that it makes work easy with removing bolt and nut from lug and fixing screws into lags so easily. It has a compact short head length good enough to work in tight regions.

With its 3-LED light glowing perfectly toward the surface of your target brings you the convenience you will definitely appreciate this product for.

The Bosch PS41-2A Review | 5 Major Features

1. Not Weighty

Researchers as finding out that what makes a great product is as a result of little consequence that it serves its users after purchase in terms of spending, stress and its susceptibility to cracks and damages.

The Bosch PS41 gives you maximum convenience with its weight as you don’t have to grip the ergonomic handle with your both hand, as the product is light enough to raise with your hand. Though it doesn’t have an ergonomic design to rest on a supporting body to some extents, yet it’s like a gun-like product that has a trigger that works once it’s pushed backwards.

2. Battery Management

The manufacturer knew the density of the consequence for a product to be unshielded, as it can lead to quick spoilage of the product, that’s why they made an ABS polymeric substance to cover it. Though the battery has 12v of lithium-ion yet it’s covered with a Dura shield which helps it for long use and easy carriage.

This helps to support the usage of the product as one doesn’t need to have a budget for a sooner replacement of the battery. The battery is good if in case you’re a Do It Yourself customer (DIYer) as you can use it for maximum pleasure. But being a professional contractor, the battery may not be fit enough for use.

3. 3 – LED light

If you’re a professional contractor, then this product will be of great help to you as you can enjoy its three glowing LED light for maximum flexibility.

Enjoy every bit of your working time without any limiting factor with the help of the Bosch PS41. It glows your target point in order to be careful of mistakes. The essence of this feature can’t be over-emphasized but purchasing it makes you have better reviews to offer.

4. Compact Size

The Bosch PS41 has a length of 5.2 at its head. This factor helps in reducing the complexity of your work as you can conveniently use it for stiff corners. The chuck has ¼” hex with an easy fitting kit, the tool has a battery indicator at its side as another amazing feature for comfort use and personal flexibility.

5. 930 lbs Torque

Do you seek a work tool that makes you shout: “bring them on!”? Of course, the Bosch PS41 makes it easy for you as you can go through rigors to get work and professionally satisfy your clients without any apology.

This impact driver is a recommendable product that can make a lasting impact in every handyman’s workshop. It has the capacity to work perfectly on any kind of screw, bolt and nut including in automobile calipers flawlessly.

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Why Should You Use Bosch PS41-2A?

1. Fair Price

The impact driver currently is sold for $119 on Amazon, which is a better price compared to its competitors with the same features. The product has been bought by many and it’s currently on 4.6 positive reviews.

2. Versatile

With the fact that this product is good at loosening bolts and fixing screws perfectly well makes it a nice one. It gives comfort to its users as it gets into rusted lugs and loose bolt perfectly well.

3. Durable

With the security it gives to your battery and the nature of the work tool, it lasts long if properly handled. It gives spices to your work with due to the fact that you can use it all the way without flaws or regrets.

4. Battery Charged

It’s a cordless impact driver, which is very good for all contract works. You can move from one end to another freely with your handy tool and it would work as perfect as it has always does.

5. Warranty

The manufacturer secures the interests of all its customer with the one-year warranty policy which makes the product a must-watch-out-for. It secures you from loss even right from the first purchase.

  • Highly portable
  • The product has nice ergonomic hand grip.
  • It has a lightweight
  • The lithium battery is 12v and shielded with Dura shield
  • Very versatile
  • It can work for automobiles
  • It has a good looking shape
  • You can rely on it for a perfect job.
  • It is a cordless and brushless machine
  • The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty on it.
  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Please, what series is this?

Answer: This is the third series of the Bosch impact driver.

  1. Can this drill on concrete?

Answer: This is an impact driver, not a drill driver.

  1. Where is this product manufactured?

Answer: It’s manufactured in Malaysia.

  1. Can one use 220v adapter for this?

Answer: Yes, you can. Though it comes with a 110v adapter.

Final Verdict

The Bosch PS41 review makes purchase easy for you by giving remarks on this fascinating products with great features. Which will help an individual who needs an impact driver for any purpose including automobile to opt for this because of its torque quality.

The Bosch PS41 makes your work easy with its three LEDs light which is capable to illuminate dark spots in order to help to make good precision. Many reviews it to be very reasonable but pressing the trigger could be the only issue, but I don’t think that’s an issue anyway.

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