DEWALT DCK283D2 Review

The DEWALT DCK283D2 review makes yourwork much easy by unveiling an unrivalled brushless work tool with the nice kit of combo feature of drill/impact driver, which makes your work better and neater; it’s the DEWALT DCK283D2 with lithium-ion 2AH battery which is capable to last longer than any of your former driving work tools.

DEWALT DCK283D2 Reviews

It comes with an amazing version of the compact drill of DCD791 and impact driver of DCF887.

The DEWALT DCK283D2 brushless compact drill and impact drive works at the range varied speed settings, which can slow and steady the function of the tool which is quite reasonable for fragile work feeds while it works on the contrary when it’s increased. It’s just the perfect match for your work as it gives you the best convenience you demand.

The features of this subject reduce the complexity of this subject; it makes one have in-depth knowledge of the work tool, so here are the unbeatable features of this product.

DEWALT DCK283D2 Review | 5 Major Features

1. Impact Driver

Having issues with removing lug bolts and nuts from your automobile, perhaps you’ve got a job that requires removing complex bolts. The DEWALT DCK283D2 makes all stress easy with its DCF887 impact driver as it has the capacity in working on a 180cm/lbs bolts.

It can be used on softwood cabinet when its speed rate is lowered while it rotates very fast and gives you nice precisions when its speed is increased.

You can upgrade the best of the service you render to your clients with the DCF887 impact driver as it delivers works free of cracks, sturdy holds of the scruff of your nails and screws, and giving you less stress.

2. Drill Driver

Being a professional Artisan requires one to be diligent and well prepared for different types of work, in carpentry or mechanic work there may be demands for drilling a hard surface and using a low-quality machine can make futile of one’s effort.

That’s why it’s paramount to consider the use of a quality drilling machine which can serve you better, trust me, the DEWALT DCK2883D2 is one best work tool that will satisfy your demand with its iterated hammer drilling which makes your work to be fast when encountering hard surfaces. If in case you need a DIY work tool that bores, then, the DEWALT DCK283D2 is best for you.

3. 2Ah Battery

If one wants to opt for a cordless work tool for contract works or either for one reason or the other. It becomes devastating when the battery seems to be the cause of the work reluctance as it becomes difficult to move from one side to another without being restrained by any factor.

For work flexibility, you’ll definitely need the DEWALT DCK283D2 for absolute maximum productivity. It lasts longer, and it’s reliable especially when one carries out contract works.

In fact, a customer made a review that his battery dropped after two weeks of use. Isn’t that awesome? Of course, it’s nice using this product as it gives you all comfort that you ever hankered for.

4. Bright LED Light

Looking for a drilling/impact driver product that gives great illumination both shut off delay and illumination standby for several minutes. Very effective? Then it’s DEWALT EDCK283D2 which helps an individual to have nice work feed visibility. This is really good at illuminating bright LED light that can also be managed by its users.

5. Brushless Motor

This product uses a brushless motor which has more advantage than a brushed motor. The brushless motor doesn’t spark, it’s durable and it makes less noise. The product has DCD791 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Compact Brushless 1/2″ for drill driver and DCF887 20V MAX* XR Lithium Ion Brushless 1/4″ impact driver which makes the product unique.

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Why Should You Use DEWALT DCK283D2?

1. Reliable

The features of this product are quite intriguing and promising that they can help one to obtain the quality work one looks forward to getting. Make a purchase of a high-quality product that gives you total comfort and absolute ease even while at work.

2. Product Review

The product currently earns great reviews on Amazon as 80% awards it with five stars. Making remarks on how it has helped them in achieving more quality work-products. It has a nice kit that’s quite nice even for every first use.

3. Long Use Battery

How awful does it seem, when one takes a contract work in an underdeveloped area, or a construction work where light supply is not at its full potentials.

You will definitely need a power-charged work tool that can take you through the task, I suppose. Then you won’t want to opt for battery failing work tool, right? In order to take full precautions then the DEWALT DCK283D2 is best for you.

4. Cordless

No need for electrocution among Do It Yourself users as they can nicely use their work tool in their comfortable homes. Children are now safe from touching unshielded wires with the DEWALT DCK283D2 product.

5. Durable

The DEWALT DCK283D2 review as found that the product is very efficient and durable. We found out from our researchers that you can use the battery for a whole month without charging it even though you’re a contractor. What condoles that? None, but the DEWALT DCK288D2.

  • The product is a light working tool
  • It has a compact size
  • It’s durable
  • It has a 2AH lithium-ion battery that lasts long
  • It comes with a package bag
  • It has a nice kit of drill/impact driver combo.
  • It’s a cordless work tool
  • It impact driver setting works perfectly well in regulating the speed and its torque.
  • The package bag is heavy.
  • The DEWALT DCK283D2 wobbles while in use.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does this product charge fast?

Answer: Yes it does, also does it last longer than you may expect.

  1. Does it make noise?

Answer: It’s made of a brushless motor, so it doesn’t make noise.

  1. What’s the dimension, weight and number of batteries required?

Answer: Its dimension is 15.1 x 9.2 x 5.4 inches, weight is 9.2 pounds and it requires two Lithium-ion batteries.

  1. Please, help me with the number of torque (drill).

Answer: The max Torque is 240 : 1,500 : 1,825 In. lbs

  1. It seems the chuck will not be right, I suppose it may be slippery.

Answer: Trust me, it’s definitely not. The product is awesome.

Final Verdict

The review has covered every feature that makes the DEWALT DCK283D2 be unique work tool. This subject gives you the comfort that you look out for with its brush motor as it has the capability to drive bolt and nut into perfect precisions in its impact driver.

The battery of this amazing product increases your productivity as a professional contractor. It has dual drilling capabilities both to function on a soft work feed surface and with a hammering drilling feature to survive on hard surfaces.

The impact driver loose bolts and nuts comfortably in lugs, very effective. You can depend solely on this tool as it has been described by many as a reliable work savior on any kind of surface.

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