How to Use an Impact Driver – The Easy Steps!

How to Use an Impact Driver

The impact driver is one of the essentials tools that is found in craftsmen toolboxes. The main focus of impact driver is that it’s used for driving. In fact, many users around the world prefer it to the regular screwdrivers because it can be used for tough surfaces, and it’s highly reliable.

And having bought this tool, the first question that would flash on someone’s mind is the proper ways on how to use impact driver drivers.

Of course, the proper use of impact drivers will lessen the hassles that a new user is likely to experience and it augments users’ efficiencies while working.

Impart driver is incomparable to other working tools. It is used to drive screws that are large and on hard surfaces. It uses bits to carry out its operation. In other words, the fact that impact drivers deliver a quality number of torque and speed than the drill drivers is not enough.

The use of bits that are most suitable for every workpiece makes your work perfect and faster. The components that are found in impact drivers are the gear selector, trigger, the grip, the chuck, and the clip. Many users can’t differentiate between the use of the trigger and gear selector.

The gear selector is used to determine the power and the trigger is used to determine the speed only. The gear selector is designed on the model or product that the user is using, but it’s used to increase the speed and reduce the torque when working on large/wide screws or increase the torque and reduce the speed when working on small screws.

There are more to know about the use of this product. Check out this features for the proper comprehension of the machine.

8 Things to Consider about How to Use an Impact Driver:

1. Choose Impact Driver

For the reliable use of impact drivers, you must discreetly check out if the product you’re purchasing is the best product for you. And the best way to do that, here are the tips to look out for

  • Make sure you opt for a cordless impact driver
  • Make sure that the product has bright shining LED light for optimum illumination
  • Ensure that the product has the ability to deliver high torque and rev
  • If you intend using the machine for different surfaces, it’s expected you opt for the impact driver with different speed rates
  • Choose the impact driver that has chuck sizes of 6.4mm with the hexagonal shank; this will enhance quick changing of bits
  • Choose a product that has quality long lasting battery. You can be frivolous about this if the impact driver is not for commercial use.
  • Make sure that you choose a product that’s lightweight and has ergonomic features; this will you to work with ease.

2. Prepare the Workpiece

If you need to tighten or loosen screws on surfaces, you need to prepare the spot. Provided you’re taking precisions, you should take your measurement and mark out your designs.

Perhaps, you’re an automotive repairer who needs an impact driver to drive out rust lugs and hard nuts, you’ll definitely clean off the grits and rust; this will help in the apt visibility of the workpiece.

The reason why this is paramount is that it predisposes users to the appropriate positioning of the tool on workpieces. In fact, it lessens the fatigue that one tends to encounter, especially if the impact drivers’ torque is not high.

3. Insert the Battery

The battery is one of the essential components in the use of impact drivers. Here are the tips that impact driver users can use:

  • Make sure that the battery is charged always
  • Impact driver batteries are fixed beneath the grip of the tool
  • There is a metallic clip which is permanently attached to the magnetic storage area, the clip is used to hold the battery
  • Users should ensure that it’s (the battery) off before fixing it
  • Proper check must be taken, in order to know if the battery is sturdily fixed

4. Insertion of Bits

The bits are metals, they are designed to fit chucks. Of course, if you’re opting for driver bits, it must be those that have hexagonal shank. However, one of the factors to consider when one is choosing a bit is the size of the workpiece.

Now, we must understand that driver bits come with different head shapes even though their shanks are all hexagonal. You can find driver bits in the shape of Philip, square, star drive.

Please note that it’s mandatory for users to use bit holder when working on any surface. The bit holder aids to prevent the wobbling of the bits and help in making accurate precisions.

5. Complete the Settings

Why cordless impact driver is recommended is because it provides you with more convenience and accuracy while working. In fact, it makes your work pretty fast; this is as a result of notable features such as LED light and variable speed settings.

Immediately the bit, the battery and the tool are well fixed, the next thing one is expected to do is switch it on, right? Of course, yes! The switch is at the flank of the machine. In other words, you can either use your thumb or finger index to activate its operation.

In most products, the switch button can be pulled in forward, steady, and backward positions. The forward positioning of the button aids in the tightening of the screws, the reverse/backward is for the loosening of the screws while the steady position is called the “spindle lock” (this means the chuck is locked at a fixed position).

6. Handlings

Provided you don’t know how the LED light operates, the LED light in most products glows few seconds after the trigger is squeezed. The trigger is always located at the angle 90 of every impact drivers. Once the trigger is squeezed, the chuck will begin to rotate.

But the trigger has nothing to do with controlling the speed rate of the chuck. The gear selector, on the other hand, is mostly found either at the zenith of the driving machine or at the front of the magnetic storage area in most products helps in reducing/increasing the speed rate of the impact driver. The grip is the handle that one holds.

7. Disassemble

Please note that whenever you’re using impact drivers, you shouldn’t alternate either forward or reverse not until the rev is complete. Here are tips that one can use in dissembling the machine.

  • At the process, while the chuck is spinning the bit, fix it where you intend working. Whenever you’re done, you can then spindle lock it by alternating the slider at the center of the forward/reverse switch.
  • Twist the bit leftward, and remove the bit holder likewise.
  • Clean the grit that’s on the chuck and the other parts of the impact driver.
  • Unclip the battery and keep it separate. Keep the impact driver in a safe place.

8. Repeat

You can perfectly maintain your working tool by observing and adhering to these directions. Make sure that you use the machine continually, so as to get familiarized with the use. You will definitely use it for a long period as it’s one of the essential tools that is found in workshops.

Final Verdict

Impact drivers help in driving in and out tons of screws within a short period of time. But how to use an impact driver perfectly is where the problem lies.

However, this article has helped users to completely understand what each of the components and buttons is found in the machine. We hope that this information will help you to effectively use the machine with ease and for a long period of time.

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