How to Use Dewalt Impact Driver – The Simple Steps!

How to Use Dewalt Impact Driver

Impact drivers have become one of the most dependable tools in workshops due to its versatility. In spite of these great properties, it’s advisable for potential buyers to carry out adequate research before launching out for the purchase.

Moreover, if you’re mindless of what you intend using it for. Then, you can always trust the purchase of Dewalt impact drivers. In case you need to know how hectic the use of Dewalt impact driver can be, and this prompts you to asking ‘how to use Dewalt impact driver’, then we’ve got you covered. This article will explain with no reserves what impact driver is about.

Impart driver is known to produce more torque than compact drillers and easier to use than impact wrench. However, the Dewalt impact driver is electric powered tool and it’s divided into two categories: corded and cordless.

Although it’s obvious that impact driver generally makes noisy sounds while using them, but with cordless Dewalt impact driver (that has a brushless motor), you will not encounter such. Believe me, the Dewalt impact drivers have been one of the most reliable impact drivers that craftsmen, artisan and mechanic repairers can trust.

It used domestically for removing nuts and screws. You can opt for the best product depending on the level at which you want your driver to operate. As you can find them at 15volt, 18 volts, and 20 volts.

Of course, it’s obvious that 20 volt is capable to take you through series of works with ease. And you know what makes Dewalt unique? It’s the Lithium Ion battery that is fast to be fully charged and it can be used for long period.

Having understood the great qualities that made us choose this product. Let’s now find out the ways to use it appropriately.

8 Things to Consider about How to Use Dewalt Impact Driver:

1. Why Dewalt Impact Driver?!

Dewalt impact driver is one of the best product, especially the brushless impact drivers. However, here is the list of features that make it stands out

  • It’s easy to use
  • It uses a hexagonal drive of ¼” for the convenient changing of bits
  • It reproduces cool sound
  • Their product is always lightweight
  • The battery that comes with their product charges pretty fast
  • They produce good numbers of revolutions
  • Their constructions are durable and highly dependable to recommend

2. Preparation

  • What you’re to get ready is the battery (with extra), bit, bit holder, the impact driver, the charger and a wiper/rag.
  • Use the rag to clean the impact driver before using it. Clean the grits on the inside of the chuck, the bit and the body
  • Evaluate the shape of the screw or nut that you’ll be working on
  • Make sure that you choose the right bit for the right job
  • Ensure that the bit has a hexagonal shank, so as to help you in an easy way in assembling the bit to the Dewalt impact driver
  • Check if you’re not lacking anything at all
  • Let’s move on to the next stage

3. Insert the Battery

  • The Dewalt battery has irregular shape but it normally weighs more than 1 pounds
  • Check your impact driver, just a few distances away from the grip, you’ll find a metallic clip
  • Make sure that the switch is off before you proceed
  • Now, that you’ve got the battery and identified the clip, insert the pointed part of the battery into the opening underneath the grip and knock it inside properly.
  • Make sure that the battery is properly fixed before you seal it with the metallic clip
  • Try to switch it on at the flank. So that you’ll be sure if it’s fixed
  • Having confirmed that it’s well fixed, switch off the impact driver

4. Insert the Right Bits

The bits are the tools that help you to easily tighten or loosen screws of different shapes and sizes. The work will definitely be easy if you’re using the right bit for the right job. So, how can you insert your bit? Here are tips that will help:

  • Open the bit set an choose the best bit that fits the work
  • Check if the bit uses a hexagonal shaft
  • Fix it inside the chuck discreetly and gently. However, if you choose to use an the bit holder, you can fix it inside before fixing the bit
  • Twist it clockwise as to lock it inside properly.
  • Touch the body of the of the bit and know if there’s a tendency that it will wobble
  • If there’s any, then it means you have to remove and re-insert it again.

5. Initiate the Operation

Please, understand that we’re using a Dewalt impact driver as our preamble, due to the fact that it’s reliable and easy to use.

So, now that you got everything ready, switch it on. Use the button at the side to determine the exact thing you want to achieve with the machine. There are three phases/positions that you can direct the button to. If you drag it forward, the bit will definitely be rotating clockwise (tightening the screws).

Provided you move it to the reverse end, the bit will be rotating anticlockwise, and if the button remains at the center, then the rotation of the bit will stop (this is called spindle lock). Furthermore, if you want to change the function or the bit, it’s advisable that users wait until the revolution is completed. This will help in the long use of the machine.

6. Performance

The Dewalt’s company makes the use of a brushless impact driver (cordless) very easy to use as it comes with 3 LED light. The light stays on for 10 seconds after the trigger is pressed down. In other words, the light continues to glow as long as you working for your optimum visibility.

The trigger is at the angle of the machine. The trigger helps in the torque (twisting) of the machine. Also, if you’re not using a single speed Dewalt impact driver, you must be using the multi-speed.

The gear that aids users to switch over from one speed to another is located mostly below the grip, at the flat surface. Unlike impact wrench, impact driver delivers high torque which is proportional to the speed. In other words, the higher the impact driver, the higher the speed.

7. Disassemble

Having used the Dewalt impact driver, you could tell how easy it is to use it. So, now that you’re done with using it, what are the best ways to removing it?

  • Wait until the revolution is completed
  • Switch the button at the side to the “middle” spindle lock.
  • Place your finger on the body of the bit and turn it in an anticlockwise direction
  • Get your rag and clean off the grits on the bit and the impact driver
  • Return the bit into the bit set
  • Put it in a cool place
  • When it’s no longer hot, return it back to the box
  • Keep the environment clean and the box safe from children’s sight

8. Enjoy the Use

The Dewalt impact driver is one of the most reliable tools. But if it‘s properly used, then users may not enjoy its use for long. So, that’s why this article is of help to those who keen on managing the machine properly.

Final Verdict

The article explained unreservedly how to use Dewalt impact driver. The article features some steps that users can put into inculcation as to ensure that there is no accident whatsoever, and there is no breaking of the bit or any component of the machine. With this article, you can comfortably use the machine for long and make your work easier.

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