Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench – Which of Them Would You Pick?

Impact Driver vs Impact Wrench

Are you perplexed with which of the tools that is the best option for the work you are about to do? If your reply is yes! Then this article is solely for you. We look forward to proffering solutions to the complexity in the ‘Impact driver vs Impact wrench’ by enumerating the features. However, let’s start by considering what these working tools are all about.

The impact wrench is a device that is used in loosening and fastening of sockets. They are majorly found in automotive shops and used to carry out construction works. In other words, impact wrenches are used for busting rust hard nut in bolts.

While the impact driver, on the other hand, can be used in driving screws. So, if they both are driving tools, what attribute distinct them from each other? It’s the mechanism that goes on inside them.

Also, the impact driver is majorly used by DIYer and average workers, while the impact wrench driving tool is used for large works and demand; this is as a result of their features. Although impact wrenches look like compact drills, yet they’re different, as impact wrenches deliver more torque with less speed, unlike compact drill which is otherwise.

Impact wrenches are divided into two categories: air powered and electric powered wrenches, while, on the other hand, the impact driver is mainly electrically powered.

In the subsequent exposition of the dynamism of these working tools, we’ll be buttressing on the significance of the forms and how users can comfortably use them to achieve their optimum goal. Let’s compare and contrast the topic by considering what features one product outsmart the other.

8 Things to Consider about Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench:

1. Power

These driving tools are unique when it comes to loosening/tightening of nuts in bolts. Of course, the torque and speed of a driving tool are what makes up its power. However, impact wrench delivers more torque than impact driver.

So, it’s pretty easy to use it when there are large numbers of works. But depending on the kind of impact wrench and model that the user is using. Please note that in spite of this great quality, it’s hard to control the amount of torque. That’s why it’s not recommendable for home uses.

However, we’ll enjoin you to opt for the impact wrench with respect to their drive sizes. The reason is that the higher the drive sizes, the higher the amount of torque that will be delivered.

Of course, the air powered impact wrench has drive sizes of 0.3”, 0.4”, 0.5”, 0.8” and 1” (the drive size of 1 inches can deliver a torque of 3,000 ft/lbs). But the electric impact wrench has 0.5” and 0.8” drive size only. Although the most reliable drive sizes are ¼” and ½” for impact driver and impact wrench respectively.

2. Conveniences

Impact wrench had been on the market before the arrival of impact drivers. One of the reasons why impact driver gain prominence is that it’s lightweight compared to impact wrenches. In fact, impact driver can deliver good numbers of torque per speed.

And the torque that is delivered is capable to shred rust screws and nuts. When it comes to fixing of bit shanks into impact driver and socket/drill shanks into impact wrench, then impact driver takes the lead.

It’s very easy to switch from one driver to another. However, if you need an impact wrench among others that’s the most lightweight, then is advisable you opt for a cordless impact wrench.

3. Uses

  Impact Driver Impact Wrench
Domestic Use This is the best. Its speed can be increased and decreased so easily with the help of its gear. In other words, you can use it to make accurate precisions Users mostly use this to under-tight or over-tight bolts due to its high torque. Note, before an impact wrench can be used to make precisions, three drops of lubricating oil must be added to the clutch
Industrial Use This can’t be used for industrial purposes, as it’s not workable for all bolts and jobs. The high torque with less speed makes it easier for users to carry out their operation with ease.
Furniture If you need a perfect work done, then this is the best tool for you. With the aid of its bit holder, you won’t encounter wobbling while working. The impact wrench is not as reliable as impact driver.
Automobile This can’t be used for automobile repairs that demands high torque It’s mostly used for changing car wheels
Construction Purpose This is primarily used for driving screws This is used for driving sockets, and nuts

4. Designs

Impact Driver

Impact Wrench

  • Impact drivers use ¼”hexagonal drive
It uses ½” square drive
  • Impact drivers can be in form of cordless or corded
It can  be air powered, corded or cordless
  • Impact drivers uses various bit for different operations
It uses socket set for driving nuts and screws
  • It has a trigger, forward/reverse switch, gear, bit, and chuck
The design of impact wrench consists of switch, chuck, socket, and trigger
  • The bits that are used are of different shapes
There are holes at the peak(head) of the sockets
  • This has a pistol-like handle
This has a handle
  • Bit holder is used to prevent the wobbling of the bit
The pneumatic lubrication oil helps in reducing friction and spoilage of clutches

5. Performance

Impact Driver

  • Before you’ll begin to use an impact driver, try to find out which one is the best (we recommend the use of cordless impact drivers).
  • The cordless impact drivers use battery. So, try to insert the battery underneath the handle
  • Make sure that it’s switched off before fixing batter
  • Switch it on by the flank, a few distant from the chuck.
  • Ensure that you’re using a hexagonal bit for your work
  • Discreetly identify your work and use the best bit for it
  • Make sure that you use a bi holder. As this will give you neat and perfect result.
  • Use the trigger to operate the tool
  • Use the forward and reverse speed to determine the spinning direction
Impact Wrench
  • What is needed are sockets, drill, pneumatic lubricating grease, hose and air compressor (provided you’re using air-powered wrench).
  • Make sure that switch is off before you connect either the battery (electric powered) or hose (air powered)
  • Apply the oil at the opening underneath the handle; this will help to giving you cool sounds by lubricating the hammer.
  • Use the button or knob at the side to determine whether you’re loosening or tightening it.
  • Make sure that you use square drive accessories as to help in changing them.
  • Make sure that machine is working at a pressure measurement of 90 psi

6. Noise

Of course, no one likes to use the tool that’s health threatening, right? Definitely, this is one of the features that make a product stand out. The impact drivers make more noise than impact wrench. But using cordless impact driver is safer.

Although this screw driving machine is noisy yet one doesn’t have to use ear-muff as to prevent the noise. Also, what makes the impact wrench to stand out is that neither does it vibrate nor cause users to apply strength. But the tension or the concussive force is within the unit.

7. Versatility &Reliability

The ability to use a tool for long without stopping makes it unique. When it comes to using a tool for long, then it all depends on the kind of model and product a user is using.

Also, the fact that they perform better on different kind of surfaces makes them awesome and reliable. This is as a result of the differences in the mechanism that goes on in them. Of course, the impact driver can be used to fastening small screws like Philip screws and large bolts in lugs.

8. Maintenance & Cost

Impact drivers are less costly compared to impact wrenches, especially if one is opting for cordless tools for the both. However, the good thing is that one can stand in place of another with the help of the adaptor.

The only niggling issue when it comes to the durable features of the both is that the pin often falls off from cordless impact wrenches. In a nutshell, the maintenance of impact wrenches is more costly than impact drivers.

Final Verdict

The cord of discord on this subject ‘impact driver vs impact wrench’ is now resolved as the writer explicitly enumerated the difference and the similarities of the tools.

Impact drivers are highly recommended due to the fact that it can be used easily to fasten screws, and bolts easily. The write up illustrated that the tools are used for different purposes but they sometimes stand in place of each other with the help of the adapter. They are all needed in the workshop, as to help users to be versatile.

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