Makita XDT111 Review

I guess you are not new to Makita XDT111 if you are a professional Mechanic or carpenter, but if you’re a new DIYer or a new mechanic who needs a good impact driver for his work, then you may need to consider a quality product such as the Makita XDT111.

The product is made broadened with the help of the Makita XDT111 review as it buttresses the significance of the product and how customer and prospective customers can effectively use the product.

Makita XDT111

The Makita XDT111 comes with a portable bag. It is an impact driver that helps in conveniently removing of screws and nails and corrosive bolts from their lug. Are you a contractor who works incessantly on raining and sunny days, and for this reason you prefer using a non-corrosive work tool to others?

The Makita is the best option for you as its well coated and made of steel for long usage by its users. The Makita product is known for quality products that last longer if you ever used any of Makita’s product then you’ll concur with this.

There are enormous reasons why Makita XDT111 should be enlisted with one of the best impact drivers in spite of its niggling remarks by customers. Here are features that make this product is a must buy product.

The Makita XDT111 Review | 5 Major Features

1. 1/4“-Hex Chuck

For the fact that it uses 4-motor poles which helps in regulating the function of its rotational motion and torque, there might be a need for consistent changing of kits.

Unlike other impact drivers, it fastens your work rate has it chuck holds sturdy the kits from wobbling. This feature gives you complete hand free while working on a feed as long as the fastener clings to the scruffs of the screw or nail.

2. Ergonomic Design

While busy doing other things, you seriously don’t have to be careful of where you’ll keep it as to the fact that you can keep it on the floor or a plain supporting body as it rests upright, pointing its kits toward as if one is holding it.

The handle is made of rubber: this prevents your palm from becoming wet and giving you maximum comfort coupled with its lightweight features all these make the product a nice one.

3. Dual LED light

Have you been careful of taking up jobs that will be done in the dark? Perhaps, there has been max reduction rate in your time rate of working time due to the fact that the LED light of your impact driver is not bright enough.

You don’t have to be bothered by this as you can get Makita XDT111 as your substitute. It has a bright shining LED light which is capable to take you through night period and maintaining the strength of your battery.

4. Nice Driving Power

Makita XDT111Most of the times, the quality of work tools wade-off as a result of the nature of the kit or machine. But when it comes to Makita, it works like magic, it rarely loss it features.

It can remove screws and nails that are deep into their lugs. So easy, you can also use it to join two separate metals easily. Just like other impact drivers, the torque moves at a fair rate and its speed can be regulated .i.e. you can depend on it for any surface you desire to use it on.

5. Extreme Protection Technology

The Makita XDT111 uses hammer and anvil as its machine working components coupled with steel and other heat hardening materials for good usage.

However, this feature helps makes the product unique as it has the capacity to withstand corrosion and any other weather affecting factors. It’s a highly recommendable product, especially for contractors.

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Why should you use Makita XDT111?

Makita XDT111 Reviews

1. Maximum Comfort

With the Makita XDT111 work tool, you sincerely don’t have to spend time on fixing the kits with the availability of enough space at the chuck

2. Design

It has a three-phase design with a mixed dark-blue color at its countersinking head, and also at the bottom with an ergonomic design at the “nadir” which is more of square-like shape. The handle is shielded with rubber joining the countersinking top to the bottom.

3. Durability

The Makita XDT111 lasts long with its battery capability of 18v which can carry you through a long period before it can be recharged. The components of the product don’t just break easily as they are made by high tech Engineers.

4. Power

The Makita XDT111 uses a 4-pole motor to carry out its functions without affecting the torque. It is great for contract works.

5. Warranty

The Makita XDT111 manufacturers give this product a three-year warranty. Serious? Yea, they give you total security as to enjoy your use.

  • This is an impact driver
  • It has a 5.75 inches long
  • The product uses double 4-pole methods, both for its motor and brushes without decreasing its torque
  • The gears are well protected for longevity
  • It can withstand corrosive threat
  • It has a long-lasting battery capacity with its 3.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries.
  • 30-days warranty is attached to the manufacturers.
  • It has a compact size to work in tight areas.
  • It comes with socket adapter.
  • Dust easily cling to this work tool.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many batteries are required?

Answer: One only.

  1. What drive is this?

Answer: Impact driver, I/4”

  1. What makes this model preferable to others?

Answer: It’s Rate per Minutes is more than the former models, the rubber is quite promising and there is a button on the battery that can notify you about the battery’s bar.

  1. Can I spend on this?

Answer: Yes, with its compact designs and fascinating features you can expect nothing but the best.

  1. What is the weight, please?

Answer: 10.5 pounds only.

Final Verdict

The Makita XDT111 review shows the inimitable features of the Makita XDT111 as one of the prominent impact drivers with its 4-pole motor regulating the speed of the tool, a ¼” hex chuck for easy kit-fixing, with a nice ergonomic design.

The product is one of the most useful work tools in the world, it comes with a socket adapter and it uses two 18v battery which lasts long. The manufacturer are very responsive to clients’ complaint, they come to your aid when needed and with 30-days warranty, I guess the product is worth to explore.

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