Porter Cable PCCK604L2 20v Review

Being a home development hobbyist requires some responsibilities such as building cabinets, kitchen shelves, door fixing and another type of work that deals with the use of wood and metal. Of course, you won’t want to hire workers to do this for you, when you’ve got enough time and little experience.

porter cable pcck604l2 20v Review

Though you are an amateur in this, you’d want to opt for a product that will save you some cash. Now, the question emerges with a striking force. What product will be best for me? Surely, the porter cable PCCK604L2 is the key. That’s why the porter cable pcck604lc 20v review brings to you a product that keeps your mind at rest even as an amateur in using of corded drivers.

The porter cable pcck604l2 20v is great for DIYers, though some contractor opts for it due to its cheap price. It has a nice ergonomic design which is nice to place in safe places. It’s a combo of both the drill driver and impact driver, it has a nice torque to drive screws of various size and length. You can’t just get it wrong with the help of porter cable PCCK04L2.

The Porter Cable PCCK604L2 20v Review | 5 Major Features

1. Quality LED Light

The porter cable PCCK604L2 20v has three LED light which is capable to glow up dark areas in order to make works better and neater even in the darkest part. If in case you consider buying a work tool/driver for aged loved ones, then the porter cable pcck604l2 is the best product for you as it gives you a nice illuminating feature. With the three LED light, then you can be sure of great illumination.

2. Packages

The product comes with bit storage box and with a 20V which is capable to go along away while working. Its charging is awesome as it charges very fast with ease. The cord doesn’t restrict it from functioning well.

3. Compact Designs

Despite the product is a duo in use. Its design to suit one’s conveniences, its countersinking is nice with great design with multi-color. It can work in tight areas, stiff places and on hard scruffs of nails and screws. Its impact driver loosen bolt on lag so easily with this amazing feature.

It has a nice ergonomic handle that helps to prevent slippery and its’ light feature also makes it easy to reduce the number of pains felt in the tendons and another part of the body.

4. Standard Combo

porter cable pcck604l2 20v ReviewsIt’s well understood that having separate work tools could cost you a lot and be buying the combo is a better idea when it comes to saving more money.

This porter cable PCCK604L2 review makes it even better to save enough money with the help of the porter cable PCCK604L2 as it has a drill driver with a compact design of 8.5” and 3.5” for the length and lbs respectively. The impact driver has a compact design of 6.9” and 3.5” for the length and lbs respectively.

5. Gears and Speed Controller

The drill driver has two gears to regulate its rotatory motions which are good. During the relative motion between the work tool and the work feed, the contact generates heat which may affect fragile surfaces. The impact driver, on the other hand, has a three-speed controller in other to help users for adequate use of the work tool.

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Why Should You Use Porter-Cable PCCK604L2 20v?

1. Cheap

Unlike other combos, the porter cable PCCK604L2 20V review costs cheap, with equal functions as you can get it in the range of $190-$200. It’s very affordable and helps in building homes to one’s standard taste.

2. Easy Fixing

When it comes to fixing the kit to the chuck, it’s easier with the aid of the porter cable PCCK604L2 as you can change your kit so easily with its ½” hex for drill driver and ¼” for impact driver.

3. Nice reviews

The product has earned up to 4.4 reviews on Amazon. The purpose of this review shows the significance of this product and how viable it is among professional constructors and home hobbyist.

4. Highly Recommended For DIYers

If you need a product for a novice in driving tools then you would have to start with the porter cable as to the fact that it doesn’t wobble either does it slip-off one’s hand easily. It’s a good product that is well known in the United States and the Northern part of America.

5. Dependable Service from Its Manufacturer                 

The manufacturer makes a client-manufacturers relationship more interesting as they are always ready to take-up complaint and give you all the necessary supports that you may ever need.

  • It is lightweight
  • It is great for Do It Yourself (DIY) users.
  • It uses a 20V Max 1.3Ah lithium-ion battery.
  • The porter cable PCCK604L2 uses combo drivers: the impact driver and the drill driver
  • The product is cheap to purchase.
  • It’s less reliable with its battery capacity.
  • Though it uses drilling driver, yet it doesn’t work for long on hard surfaces.
  • The porter cable uses plastic at its chuck.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes this model different from other models?

Answer: The pcck604l2 is more compact, and works better than others such as pcck602l2.

  1. Is there clutch settings for this product?

Answer: Of course, Yes!

  1. What are the packages that come with this product, please?

Answer: one kit, two batteries and a charger.

  1. Does it use regular drill driver or both hammer drill and regular?

Answer: It uses regular drill driver only.

  1. What’s the weight of this model?

Answer: 5 pounds only.

Final Verdict

The review makes a good expression of the subject by buttresses the pros and cons of the product. The short-comings and it helps one to see the need for purchasing it provided the feature of this product correspond to the potential customer’s purpose.

It may likely be difficult to start operating when the trigger is pushed backwards. However, immediately it starts, one would marvel at how nice it works with its torque feature. Make a nice purchase as a DIYer user who is keen to make the best out of your home’s beauty and decorations.

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