TEKTON 2905 Review

Of course, electric hand tool impact driver is costly, but you’ve got some screws that you really want to remove from lugs and bolts/nut that you want to tight into lags in your workshop.

So what are you going to do? Stay-off from your work? Capital No! The Tekton 2905 review brings to you a manual Tekton 2905 which is capable to loosen your screws and bolts as if you used the electric hand tool.

TEKTON 2905 Review

Could that be true? I suppose you would want to ask, and the answer is a YES! Home improvement professionals have been using this as a trusted replacement for electric hand tools when they are on sites. The tools come with series of bits which is fixable into any screw of different sizes and rough surfaces.

The following are the packaged screw bits that come with the 3/8” inches: 3/8” inches (1-pics), 5/16” (2-pics for both shank and Philip screwdrivers hex chucks), 1-pics of one storage case and 3/8 inches (1-pics).

TEKTON 2905 Review | 5 Major Features

1. One Time Impact Force

The manual Tekton 2095 uses no electric or battery charge to power its functions. Its torque is converted with respect to the use of hammer, the hammer’s force on the hand tool resulting to the exertions of the work tool on the work feed (the screw, bolts and nuts) makes loosening of freeze bolts to become easier and comfortable.

The Tekton reduces consistent checks of battery bar as you can use it as a supporting work tool or an alternative hand tool in your workshop.

2. Drive Directions

The Tekton has the capacity to drive both screws and bolts in different directions as each tip/teeth of their impact bits are sharpen and strong to twist screws into directions.

However, quite some notable number of persons have seen this daunting with respect to loosening and tightening their screws with this hand tool.

However, the Teckton 2905 review makes the use easy as you can turn the hand tool in R direction and L direction while loosening and tightening it respectively. Though it may not be like this in the manual script this is how you can use it for loosening and tightening.

3. Impact Bits

The Teckton 2905 uses bit shank of 3/8” inches which makes it different from the other model, Tekton 2910, a good example is the replaceable impact bits are of 5/8” inches which makes it more unique on its own.

The settings come with seven major impact bit which had already been mentioned in the second paragraph in the introduction. The impact bits fit any kind of joining materials that you may be using and they are all made with strong alloyed materials to strengthen its tensile capabilities.

Before using these impact bits, you’re expected to watch out for nature, the strength of the work feed you are about using it for, as their toughness are different to each other, you can use Philip’s impact bit for strong screws.

4. Comfort Handling

The hand tool is nice as you can comfortably handle it without the help of the strip handle knurls. Your hand won’t sweat neither will it affect your palm by piling out your flesh. You can just enjoy it even while you are hitting the scruff with a hammer. The product comes also with a nice bag for the safety and maintenance of the tool. If in case you rarely need a manual tool for the supplement for your electric hand tool, I suppose this is the best idea.

5. A Nice Screwdriver

The ability of the hand tool to loosen the screw and tight them flawlessly makes this product a reliable screwdriver. It has different impact bits which will help you in loosening and be tightening your bolts and nuts without any complaint.

A lot of people that used this hand tool in an appropriate manner have recommended it as their favorite non-electric impact driver. I suppose you will need this one in your toolbox in case of necessity.

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Why Should You Use TEKTON 2905?

1. Manual

The Tekton 2905 is not an electric hand tool, so if you’re a novice in using manual work tool then I will advise you to kit up with it. It makes you keep working even while there is no power and other vocational practitioners are closing their shops. It makes clients know how updated you are in your profession.

2. Cheap

The Tekton 2905 is not up to $15 on Amazon (just $14). With little amount, you can still yield a good result. The hand tool is great for DIYers who keen to make a new beginning in their home improvement quest.

3. 7-pieces Impact Bits

The Tekton 2905 comes with seven pieces of impact bits which make it fit any kind of surface you may keen to use it for. You can be more productive, active and efficient with this amazing tool. It can be used for both soft and hard surfaces by capitalizing on the metallic strength variableness. It’s highly recommendable.

4. Handy

This hand tool doesn’t consume much of your strength as you can just handle it with less effort, though the handling of the hammer would require more force that’s not an issue as the tool itself doesn’t complicate issues by piling off your hand.

5. A Reliable Alternative

You probably might not have wondered why you rarely need a manual tool for your work. Well, it’s advisable (if not mandatory) that you are expected to have a complete tool (both manual and electrically powered tool) for your job in case of contingencies.

  • The hand tool comes with 7-pieces of impact bits
  • The model uses a 3/8” inches shank size
  • The hand tool is manual
  • It has the capacity to remove bolt and nut from frozen, rusted lugs.
  • The price is affordable
  • With the availability of its impact bits, the hand tool is versatile
  • The hand tool makes loosening and tightening easy.
  • The hand tool doesn’t remove all bolts and nuts.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What size does the screwdriver bit use?

Answer: 3/8 for bits and replaceable 5/16 for the shank.

  1. Where is this tool made?

Answer: In Taiwan

  1. Can this be used for removing lug bolt and nuts?

Answer: Yes, to some extent. But not reliable for this task. However, it’s great for removing screws and bolts.

  1. How can I get a replacement for this?

Answer: You can make enquiries on their website.

  1. Can this help in removing Philip’s head screw?

Answer: Yes, there are Philip’s impact bit pieces among the packaged bits.

Final Verdict

The review makes it clear on why everyone who is either a home development hobbyist or a contractor needs a manual hand tool which will boost their productivity.

The review makes striking points concerning the use of a recommended product such as the Tekton 2905 which is one of the most patronized hand tools on Amazon. The writer never forgot to proffer solutions to niggling remarks made by many after he had listed them.

The article review makes it clear the Tekton is one of its kind when it comes to removing bolts and nuts. The writer also beckoned on every DIYers to look into this product in order to save more cash. The conclusion is that with the cheap price, appropriate use of this product makes it one of the best option one should go for.

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